The Subversionz Philosophy

Hacking the Brain

Emotional stories trigger a lot of activity in the brain.  Tapping into the emotional parts of the brain connects you to your customers in several incredibly powerful ways.

Emotional stories trigger long term memory, making them more memorable.

Emotional stories trigger the part of the brain directly linked to making decisions and taking action.

Emotional stories trigger pleasure centers in the brain which inspires people to share that experience with others.



There is an Art & A Science to Creating Impactful Content

Subversionz Media brings together all of the elements of creative to develop concepts that meet your marketing goals, resonate with your customer, and drive results.

Subversionz Media takes the creative concept development phase very seriously.  Each project must be built from the ground up to meet your specific marketing goals and speak to your specific audience.

Let’s craft a conversation between your brand and your customer to develop long lasting brand loyalty and drive ROI.



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