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Subversionz provides a variety of video production, 360 video, animation, and marketing services


Subversionz Media brings together all of the elements of creative to develop concepts that meet your marketing goals, resonate with your customer, and drive results.

Let’s craft a conversation between your brand and your customer to develop long lasting brand loyalty and drive ROI.


Crew, locations, gear, talent.  Whatever the needs of your production, Subversionz Media pulls together a stellar team of highly skilled industry professional to bring your project to life.
Subversionz is thrilled to add 360 video production to our list of services.  We have a fantastic team working on the cutting edge of this new technology and tapping into new storytelling opportunities that this new medium allows.
Whether your project calls for a combination of motion graphics and live action, or is a straight up animation piece, Subversionz Media’s team of animators pull from a vast pool of motion magic and animation techniques to create stunning visuals.
Not all ideas are created equal.  Nor are all ideas the right fit for your specific needs.  The creative team at Subversionz Media develops creative concepts custom tailored to speak to your target audience and meet your specific marketing goals.
A script is far more than just the voice over.  A script is the framework that supports the entire video.  A script outlines the visuals that will cross the screen, the words and sounds that the audience will hear, and sets the tone and pace of the final piece.  The Subversionz Media team carefully crafts scripts that maximize the impact of the video by weaving together the visual and audio elements of the piece into a solid narrative.

Once the framework of the script is built, Subversionz Media creates storyboards to establish the visual language of the piece and to guide the flow of the production and post production process.

Editing, color correction, audio sweetening, music.  All of these stages of post production pull your project together into a polished, professional piece.


Hacking The Brain

Emotional stories trigger a lot of activity in the brain.  Tapping into the emotional parts of the brain connects you to your customers in several incredibly powerful ways.

Emotional stories trigger long term memory, making them more memorable.

Emotional stories trigger the part of the brain directly linked to making decisions and taking action.

Emotional stories trigger pleasure centers in the brain which inspires people to share that experience with others.


Now Telling Stories in 360



  • Subversionz is great! We rely on them for custom animation and video editing, and the results are always superb.

    — Ken Circeo, Sr. Media Production Specialist, Microsoft —
  • Goldie is our go-to vendor for animation and UI motion development.  She’s great to work with, quickly understands project requirements, works fast, and provides sensational results.  There’s no one we’d rather work with.

    — Pam Heath, Project Manager, Teague —
  • Subversionz’s work is an integral part of our newest marketing campaign.  The entire process of creating this video with the Subversionz team exceeded our expectations.  ‘The Panopto Journey’ has had exactly the strong emotional impact on everyone who has seen it that we were looking for.

    — Ari Bixhorn, Director of Marketing, Panopto —
  • Goldie, I can’t thank you enough for all your dedication . . . you have an incredible amount of patience and your calm response to our rapid requests was the bomb.

    — Joanne Phillips, Product Manager, Mobile, Mobiata/Expedia —


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